All Spark executors in AWS Glue died, but its status is RUNNING

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All Spark Executors died

AWS Glue lost all Spark Executors

No Alerts from CloudWatch Alarm

AWS Glue status doesn’t tell the exact status

No meaning Information in Log in CloudWatch

Spark History Server

In Spark History Server, failed stage was shown
Details about the failed Stage

So far, the issues I’ve faced in AWS Glue

  • Executors died due to “Disk Space issue” although there is plenty of disk space.
  • Job failed because Executors were not able to connect MSK. ( Timeout issue ) — MSK is not busy. It’s ideal.
  • Job failed because KafkaConsumerPool in Spark reached its soft max size.


  • You still have to deal with the low level issue in Spark or Spark Cluster. This mean you need a decent knowledge about Spark Cluster as well.
  • You have to deal with the low level issue without having the control of changing / updating Spark configurations because AWS Glue is a managed service and it limits the configuration you might have to update.




Gatsby Lee | Data Engineer | City Farmer | Philosopher

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Gatsby Lee | Data Engineer | City Farmer | Philosopher

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