Dagster: How to Put Icon on Operation


It’s little cosmetic thing to decorate the Dagster Operation on UI

Dagster: How to Put Icon on Operation


While I worked on Dagster DBT, I noticed some tags in Dagster-DBT built-in code.

Dagster-DBT: Tag on Dagster Operation

And, I noticed the tag={“kind”: “dbt} added a icon on the Dagster Operation like this.

Dagster-DBT: Tag on Dagster Operation

I am not sure if it adds any functionality. I guess it’s just a cosmetic thing.

Where to Find the supported value of the kind?

I googled around if there is any documentation that has the list of supported values for the key “kind”, I wasn’t able to find one.

So, I asked Dagster Slack channle and I got this github link.

I tried some of them

I tried some of the listed values and I got the screenshot.

Yep. It just looks good :D hehehehe

def dbt_run_no_op(context):

@op(**DEFAULT_OP_PROPS, tags={"kind": "dbt"})
def dbt_run_dbt_op(context):

@op(**DEFAULT_OP_PROPS, tags={"kind": "snowflake"})
def dbt_run_snowflake_op(context):

@op(**DEFAULT_OP_PROPS, tags={"kind": "slack"})
def dbt_run_slack_op(context):
Dagster-DBT: Tag on Dagster Operation

The supported values

I extracted the values from the github code. Here is the supported values.

- airbyte
- airflow
- athena
- aws
- azure
- azureml
- bigquery
- census
- databricks
- datadog
- dbt
- duckdb
- fivetran
- gcp
- github
- gitlab
- googlecloud
- googlesheets
- greatexpectations
- hex
- hightouch
- ipynb
- k8s
- keras
- kubernetes
- looker
- matplotlib
- meltano
- mlflow
- modal
- noteable
- numpy
- openai
- pandas
- plotly
- polars
- postgres
- powerbi
- pyspark
- python
- pytorch
- s3
- sagemaker
- scikitlearn
- scipy
- segment
- slack
- snowflake
- spark
- sql
- stitch
- stripe
- tableau
- teams
- tensorflow
- vercel
- wandb




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