A life less ordinary

I have led a very ordinary life. Blessed but ordinary. I have never won an award or challenged the status quo. I have done what was expected of me and it has yielded pleasing results. Good job, lovely family, nice house. Everything that one could wish for. Or not.

I love the blessings of my ordinary life dearly and I would never wish any of them away. But I wish for a life less ordinary. One in which I look back and see a trodden path that is full of wonder and amazement and fulfilled dreams.

I wish for the courage to grab life in both hands and shake it to see what surprises fall out. I wish for a day when I can truly say that I could not have done more to life my life like there was no tomorrow.

I have had flashes of extraordinary scattered here and there when my patience for the mundane has worn thin. Extraordinary disguised as wreckless, selfish actions that need to be quickly packed away into secret compartments when the moment has passed.

I dream.

I dream of waking up every morning entangled with the one I love. I dream of never making plans but every day brimming over with new adventures. I dream of living a life with no regrets, only embraced opportunities.

I dream of not needing those secret compartments any more. That I could be a single source of the truth rather than a myriad of versions of it. I dream of looking in the mirror each morning and seeing me as he sees me, rather than my jaded reflection staring back at me.

I dream of a soul connection so extraordinary that the bounds of time and space cannot contain it. One that has such a hold on me that I cannot help but become extraordinary from the experience.

And when I awake from my dream, he is there. To lead me to my life less ordinary.