Living with Anxiety is immensely Stressful.

Living with anxiety is immensely stressful

Your coping strategies are working overtime – feeling as if you’re on hyper alert.

Taking your foot off the accelerator helps create the pause needed to create a moment of clarity.

A natural de-acceleration is to breath.

Mindfulness meditation teaches you to do this.

It helps you to become aware that the many “strategy thoughts” your having are. like a group of people all taking at the same time – all of the noise and ideas are nonsensical.

You have choices as to whether you become Aware of all these Wonderous thoughts and sensations your mind and body are creating or jump on the first thought that flashes up.

Having experienced anxiety and stress on a daily basis, the default mode I’d normally choose was avoid and procrastination..

Over time, avoidance use to cause more imaginary issues than really existed.

Then I’d berate myself for not having a go.. hence a lovely circle was created.. A cycle.

Breaking this cycle of events has been greatly enhanced by the use of Mindfulness meditation and understanding what triggers me..

So you always have choices -

Keep your foot on the accelerator and head full steam into anxiety over-ride, or slow down – take a breath – and gain some Clarity of a traffic accident of thoughts waiting to happen.. All in your mind.