9 things The Walking Dead teaches us about humanity

Many of you have come to know and love the series The Walking Dead for good reason. I have to admit, for a while I was inwardly boycotting the show. I thought it was just another dumb production about zombies. Little did I know that the genius writers of the show not only explore the what if’s of a zombie apocalypse, but they also explore the nature of humanity! Through the different instincts and common reactions amongst the characters of the show, we gain an insight into what our human tendencies would lead us to do and I believe the writers meant it that way. So here’s my list of 9 things that The Walking Dead teaches us about humanity.

  1. Through my binge watching, what became immediately apparent was that humans need humans. If you watch closely, you can see that almost every action is driven by a desire to either maintain or attain community with other humans.
  2. The flight or fight instincts are a very real battle. Throughout the show, the characters have to constantly choose, to fight or run. This battle is clearly evident with how they deal with their Zombie encounters, but also plays out with how they deal with other humans.
  3. Similar to the first point- The Walking Dead teaches us that not only do we need other humans for connection and community, but for survival at large. Without each other, Rick and the group would be practically helpless against their antagonists.
  4. Going one step further, the show also teaches us that humans do not merely desire survival in trying times, but continue to desire something more. The characters not only make decisions out of their animalistic thrust for survival, but they long for the comforts and pleasures of life.
  5. Up until the latest season, faith & hope play large roles as motivators for everyone. Hope that there is more and things will get better is really what keeps them going and fighting.
  6. Slightly more lighthearted, The Walking Dead teaches us that friendship can come in the most unlikely places. Whether its Beth & Daryl or Michonne & Carl, sometimes friendship just happens to you when you least expect it!
  7. One really beautiful theme that I noticed within the show is the idea that life is always full of beauty, you just have to be willing to see it. Even in a zombie-ridden, death-filled world, many of the characters still find joy in things like friendship, romantic love, nature, or even some good ole puddin’!
  8. One really interesting idea that The Walking Dead showed me was that different facets of people come out in different circumstances. In moments of survival, moments where one is needed to take on leadership, or even surrounded by other people - humans are complex and able to adapt to a diverse amount of circumstances.
  9. Finally, the last thing that The Walking Dead teaches me is that humans and Zombies do not mix well! O wait… I guess that was pretty obvious…

I hope you enjoyed my 9 things that The Walking Dead teaches us about humanity! Did you see some more? Let me know!

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