Are You Brave Enough to Turn People Off With Your Business?

When I was in my 20s, I realized something big. Not everyone liked me — and I had to be okay with that.Because I certainly didn’t like everyone I met.

Some people just weren’t my cup of tea — I wasn’t theirs.

Your business is similar. It won’t be for everyone. As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be for everyone.

Who are you turning off?

Think about some really successful brands you know out there. They usually have a really strong personality that’s not for everyone.

Take Harley Davidson — they are for the rebel who likes to wear black leather. Not everyone who buys a motorcycle is going to like them.

Some will prefer the sporty performance of BMW motorcycles.

Each of those brands has a distinctive niche and say what they stand for, in a way that will turn some people off. That’s how you build an enduring, strong brand.

Another example is Patagonia. They stand for active clothing and protecting the environment. Not everyone is going to care for that stance, but their ideal customer loves it.

Attract by taking a stand

So in your business, don’t be afraid to say what you stand for. Be sure to address your ideal client, in a way that’s sure to turn some people off.

By doing this, your ideal client will know even more clearly that you are talking to them.

They will be even attracted to you when you’re not worried about repelling others.

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