Jet. Set. GrOceries

One of the biggest time suckers in any given week for any individual or family is the trip to the grocery store. Hangry people, screaming children and only a single register open which is coincidentally being manned by the human incarnation of the sloth from Zootopia. It is absolutely dreadful. My mom is the only person I have known to enjoy a trip to the grocery store, but she certainly she did not pass that trait down to me. Even with meal planning, and plenty of logistical badassery, it seems we can still run out of some crucial food item in the middle of the week, necessitating an additional trip, one which my husband and I are even less inclined to do after being at work the majority of the day. With this in mind, when we ran out of toothpaste, mouthwash, and shampoo (the trifecta of personal hygiene) yesterday, I decided to try something new, and place an order for these items online. There are a number of companies that deliver groceries with a quick turn-around time, so I randomly decided to order from because I have seen their commercial before (who says TV is dead)? Their site is pretty straightforward, and I liked how with every item I added to my non-squeaky wheeled virtual cart, the price of my other items decreased. If you spent over $35, you got free shipping, which was honestly not terribly hard of a total to reach, and they had a coupon code that gave me 15% off my entire order. I ordered only items that I would normally buy at the grocery store, and everything should be arriving in two days. I do feel a bit ridiculous about ordering toilet paper off the internet. Maybe that is because this is my first foray into what I can only imagine is the future of grocery shopping, or maybe it is silly because there are at least three grocery stores less than a 5 miles from my house. I will have to wait to deliver my final verdict until after the groceries arrive, but for now, I just reclaimed an extra 30 minutes to my evening, which is for sure worth more than $35.

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