I hate running, and yet…

I hate running. I’m not one of the happy runners that you see on the street. I’m also not one of the insanely fit people, who work out as a part of their social agenda. Running is a constant monologue my brain produces to make sure I suffer double for every step I take during a run.

It usually goes like this: “You’re gonna die. Why would you run? Walking is a perfectly fine way to move around. Another kilometer… and see? You’re passing a metro station… just get on it already and stop this nonsense.”

See, when people talk about running, they tend to refer to it as a meditation. Something that they can get lost in. A moment when their mind quiets down and they finally see the light. I get none of that!

All of my best results were achieved best results at times of great confusion, anger and sadness. Or when I was chatting to a friend that joined me on a race. In other words, when my brain was so preoccupied with processing emotion that it completely ignored the fact that I was running.

Oh, btw. I’m a smoker (but hey, trying to quit), so I can’t really breathe (well). My knee is failing (that’s why I stopped running 2 years ago) and I have recently injured my right hip, not to mention the fact that my toes are too long, so they tend to cross and make me fall flat on my face with every longer step I take. Ok, the last one was a lie. I do not fall on my face when my toes cross.

Still, I’m serious about changing the world. And I’m even prepared to run to help make it happen. Please become part of that change by donating the minimum amount on my fundraising page (all profits go to Street Child).

What can I promise you in return?

Not much, I tell you that.

As a participant in the Nepal marathon challenge, I promise to:

  • run as far as I can in the low-oxygen environment (it’s NEPAL: a country with average elevation of 3,265 m, the camp is at 4k metres).
  • regularly report back on my training (currently able to run 4 km on a flat surface) here and on my Instagram account.
  • publish a detailed summary of every day and all Street Child’s projects I visit in Nepal

I’m also planning to write your names on a Tshirt I will run in: if you want to have your name included, donate 1 euro and leave me your name and e-mail address using the form below (so I could send you pictures of me, running, in Nepal wearing a T-shirt with your name on it).

Laters friends!