Chillings tales of Brutalities to Women

An image of POLICE brutality
ISIS brutality

Women around the world are facing extensive brutalities in many forms such as sexual assault, domestic violence, emotional abuse, human trafficking and numerous others.

Here is a list of some of the chilling accounts of these inhumanities

  • PNG(Papua New Guinea) is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman, with an estimated 70 percent of women experiencing rape or assault in their lifetime.
  • There’s still no real answer about what happened to Sandra Bland in the Texas jail cell where she was found dead by asphyxiation on July 13. Bland’s death exposed just some of the structural inequities faced by black women in the United States.
  • Cutting the nose, lips and ears’: Brutality against Afghan women at record level.Violent crimes against women in Afghanistan reached an unprecedented level of brutality in 2013.
  • Treatment of slaves was characterized by degradation, rape, brutality, and the lack of basic freedoms in US. Slave women in the United States were frequently subjected to rape and sexual abuse. Many slaves fought back against sexual attacks, and many died resisting. Others carried psychological and physical scars from their attacks. Soldiers hacked the heads off Vietnamese to keep, trade, or exchange for prizes offered by commanders. Many more cut off the ears of their victims, in the hopes that disfiguring the dead would frighten the enemy.

Initiatives working to empower women

Many organizations are working for the empowerment of women, to provide them with all the basic amenities, making them aware and providing them with opportunities to study, work and earn for their livelihood. Some of them are:

  • International Alliance of Women — founded in 1904 to advocate suffrage
  • International Association of Women Police
  • UNIFEM — United Nations Development Fund for Women (established 1976)
  • UN Women (established 2010)
  • Roudha Center
  • Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) and Arab Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI).
  • Relief Society — Worldwide charitable and educational organization of LDS women (founded 1842)
  • Equality Now — founded in 1992 to ensure gender equality and an end to violence against women.
  • American Equal Rights Association