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I was raised on this colloquial wisdom of my dad, an Irish cop and first-generation American: “You can always tell an Irishman, but you can’t tell him much!” My Jewish in-laws constantly prove the accuracy of the old saying, “Ask two Jews, get three opinions.”

We transgender folks have favorite expressions, too. …

Cancer is stalking me

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It’s taken me all week to process this, and share this news. A few days ago, on my mother’s birthday, I got the results of a genetic test following my annual mammogram (#12) and I learned I inherited the BRCA1 gene, putting me at “high risk” for cancer. Most folks have a one percent chance; the odds for me are 50/50.

Given the fact I lost my beloved Wendy, my father and my father in law to this killer, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And it’s not like I’ve been diagnosed, not at all. I am surrounded by fighters and survivors and relatives of those who fought… so I am, at the moment, still on the sidelines… or to use a baseball analogy, I am in the bullpen, warming up. …

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Photoshop by Kati Ennis

UPDATE: Human Rights Campaign tonight issued a statement regarding the publication of transphobia by The Atlantic, at my request. I’ve also reached out to GLAAD and I’ve added tweets they posted in response to the article. The HRC statement appears below. — Dawn Ennis, Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It’s been exactly four months since we rang the transphobia alarm bell, and it appears nobody empowered to act paid much attention, if any.

So today, I’m lighting up what you might call a TransBat Signal, in order to call out Jesse Singal and the editors who published this offensive screed.

I am one of a large group of LGBTQ journalists, activists and public relations folks who, back in February, first got wind of Mr. Singal’s intent to write the cover story that appears in the July/August issue of The Atlantic. I’ll explain the actions we took in just a moment. …


Dawn Ennis

Host “RiseUP With Dawn Ennis,” Blogger at http://lifeafterdawn.com, award-winning broadcast & online journalist, widow and single mom whose kids call me “Dad.”

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