Bigbank has its own Bigband

Author: Triin Liisma, WOW Support Specialist

If there’s interest, there’s possibility. At the beginning of November 2014, Indrek went to buy some food from the supermarket nearby the office. He ran into Kalev — our music enthusiast — who had just heard about the company band competition Firmabänd.

Indrek had been working for Bigbank for years and so far, had not told anyone that he also knew how to play guitar. Of course Kalev, who is aware of every musician in the company, knew anyway. After a short discussion and the acknowledgment that Indrek really can play guitar, Kalev made the proposal to put a band together. And not any band, but Bigband! It took only a couple of more hours to form the band and after a short while they had already agreed on their first gig. This was no joke — they had to start with rehearsals.

At first they didn’t think that it would be anything big — let’s play couple of songs at the annual seminar of Bigbank and later participate at Firmabänd. Therefore, the name was put according to the company — Bigband. Today, they have made a couple of name picking assignments, but as they are already too famous inside the company — the name has to stay!

Until today they have performed all together in three Firmabänd pre-finals and every time also got into the finals. In addition, they have performed twice at our beloved annual seminar where Bigbankers gather to learn from each other. In total, they can look back at twelve performances and one stage-diving attempt.

In February, they had the latest Firmabänd pre-finals, and after finding out that they got to the finals, there was a surprise — Indrek, the guitarist, had booked a vacation during that time. After a quick discussion, the band agreed that our UX Designer Roque should come to save us. By the way, Roque makes awesome photos, check them here:

However, no one told Roque about this arrangement. For his surprise, he received a message from Indrek: “I will bring the guitar today and on Friday we will have the rehearsal.” “Rehearsal for what?”, Roque didn’t quite understand and got a reply from Indrek: “Now, you are in a band, Roque!”

Meet the band:

Kristi — vocals

Kristi Berggren
Instrument: Vocals. Is afraid to sing directly into the microphone.

Role in the band: She is the tone of the band who decides which songs to play; no one can force her!

Musical background: she finished children musical school and learned piano. Has sang in choirs and bands. After high school sang karaoke.

Indrek — guitar

Indrek Joosu
Instrument: Guitar

Role in the band: He is the most musical person who rearranges the songs and knows what and how exactly he and others should play.

Musical background: started to play guitar after understanding that this is what cool boys do. Is a left-handed guitarist, who has been in several bands starting from high school. Currently plays in Bigband and sometimes gathers with high school friends for a gig.

Madis — bass guitar

Madis Kallas
Instrument: Guitar

Role in the band: he is engaged when it comes to stuff he likes and will question whether songs can be played

Musical background: has played guitar before just for fun for a few years

Benjamin Klasche — bass guitar

Benjamin Klasche

Instrument: Bass guitar

Role in the band: he always knows if something is working or not and puts effort into the details

Musical background: friends had a band without bass guitar and therefore started to play bass (story of every bass player). Has been in several metal and rock bands.

Roque — guitar

Roque Gomes

Instrument: Guitar

Role in the band: hired gun

Musical background: started in 2000 to learn the guitar at school just to have fun. Aunt had a guitar, so he exchanged his bicycle for the aunt’s guitar. Has played in cover bands, but during the last 1,5 years hasn’t been in a band.

Kalev Rundu

Instrument: Drums

Role in the band: The manager, who knows what is needed for the gigs and manages the gigs. He suggests cool songs (like Paper Planes)

Musical background: started as an unhealthy music listener what grew to music making and producing obsession. Is a DJ and has a show in the Estonian radio. Isn’t playing anything else than drums. 5 years ago, bought a drum kit that he plays in his parents’ house — when he bought the kit, he didn’t tell the parents (that was a lovely surprise for them!).

What will the future bring?

The band lives in the moment and is picking new songs to play. There are some thoughts about future gigs, but we will see.

Message from the band:

It has been really fun and seems that people think the same. Thank you all who have showed up to our shows! You mean a lot to us!
P.S.! Next time please catch Indrek (when stage-diving)! ;)
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