A Quick Chat With Dr. Henning Beck

Dr. Henning Beck is a neuroscientist, science slammer and author, publishing regularly in GEO-magazine and Wirtschaftswoche. Supporting companies constantly to develop creative workspace designs and effective tools for knowledge management on Wednesday 7th December he comes to the trivago Academy to help us think the Impossible! We caught up with him for a quick chat beforehand…

Life at trivago: Hi Henning, really looking forward to your talk, what would you say is the personality of your brain?

Dr. Henning Beck: My brain is a bit of a paradox, it is open-minded while still captured in a skull.

Lat: What fascinates you most about neuroscience?

HB: Neuroscience is dealing with the most complicated thing we know of: the brain itself. We’ve been investigating it for centuries and still have no precise idea what an idea is! We’ve come a long way and we do know many tricks and techniques the brain uses to organise information, but it’s detailed function still remains elusive. There is nothing more appealing than this neuro-scientific enigma.

Lat: What can attendees expect from your talk?

HB: You will understand how the brain creates new thoughts and is thereby more powerful than any computer. You will take a look behind the scenes of the most flawed but also most innovative system in the world. You will see how errors and failures are the brain’s secret weapon when it comes to thinking in new directions- and how to make best use of this thinking prowess.

Dr. Henning Beck presents ‘Brain The Company — How to think the impossible’ at the trivago Academy on Wednesday December 7th. 6pm in the B1 building 3rd floor. Bennigsen-Plats 1.

As always the Academies are free entry and open to all.

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