How Fuck-ups pave the way to innovation

Academy reflection on Yannick Kwik Allan.

When did we start celebrating failure? Is it actually a good thing to fail? And what is failure really?
The global movement of the famous FuckUp nights, as all good things, once started really small and saw the light of the night in 2012 in Mexico.
People have had enough with all the talking about success as if it was something that fell from heaven. They felt there’s a need to talk more about failure everywhere:
In April 2015, the nights opened their mouth about Fuckups in 100 cities around the world.

According to Yannick Kwik Allan, people can be split into three categories: “There are people who have failed, people who will fail and the liars…”
Now that the FuckUp nights are present in 204 cities in 72 countries, they are influencing 40% of the world with a new way of embracing the true and sometimes inconvenient steps toward success.

“When I started we were two, so although I did many things wrong, I was always the employee of the month.” (Yannick Kwik Allan)

Germany is the most active fuck-up-sharing country in the world after Mexico, with the nights taking place in 12 cities. And the source of failure is never ending. From not signing contracts or even signing the wrong ones, to launching too early, or problems with business partners, Fuckups happen. Luckily there is a Failure Institute documenting the main sources of failures for us to learn from them.

“No one talks more about failure than we do.”

But wait, what is failure really?
It’s dynamic and it’s not only about making the wrong decisions. It is unavoidable, but should it be celebrated?
“Sometimes it needs to be — and then its called innovation.” It is a state of mind. From fixed to open mindsets and the study of resilience, pivoting and learning — failure can be the best teacher as it doesn’t lie to you.

“Failure sucks, but instructs.”
It is becoming trendy and companies have started talking openly about it.
“Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.”

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