Kommworkout with us!

Have you ever thought of communication as a workout, a system you can train just like your physical condition? Here are two guys who coach your talk like a sport.

Nils Beckmann

As the leader of a project for sustainable urban development Pascal Biesenbach’s daily work includes negotiations, assessments and solving challenging tasks. He trains in martial arts and actively works with people on improving their mental and physical skills. His business partner, the linguist Nils Beckmann, coaches young professionals working on their rhetorical skills and aspects of successful leadership. The longtime basketball player’s daily practice is to work on peak performance in teams. Together they form KOMMWORKOUT® and held a trivago academy for us.

Pascal Biesenbach

Life at trivago: What is KOMMWORKOUT’s mission and what nourishes your day to day motivation?
Kommworkout: Our mission is to establish a new way of training communication. People that join KOMMWORKOUT first of all discover their own unique way of communicating. They train, reflect and improve their intuitive interactions with others. Seeing this happen is a good day-to-day motivation.
Life at trivago: Why is communication related to working out?
Kommworkout: Communication is just like sports. It requires certain skills, awareness and a personal style. Your career is a daily sport of thinking and talking. You can develop your communication skills and fine tune your style in regular work outs or trainings.
Life at trivago: What did you take away from your trivago academy night?
Kommworkout: The atmosphere of that night was important to us because we don’t do a classic talk or workshop, although we use parts of it. But the heart of our work is the workout. And it was great to see so many people challenge each other and laughing together.

KOMMWORKOUT® | Pascal Biesenbach & Nils Beckmann 

Entry to the Academies is free and all are welcome. Check our Facebook Page for more details.

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