Meet Sian from Organizational Solutions

Sian Williams has had quite a journey, not just from a small English village to Düsseldorf, but also within trivago, a journey which is fast approaching nine years. Yep, that’s nearly a decade…

…A lot changes in a decade, to give you an example, this is what our website looked like in 2007.

What were we thinking!?

We sat down for a chat with Sian to see if she has developed as much as our website during her time at trivago.

Life at trivago: Morning Sian, so we know you have spent a long time with us at trivago, but where are you from originally?

Sian: I am originally from England and grew up in a small village called Haddenham in the South East. I lived there until I was 16 and then I moved to the Netherlands.

Life at trivago: And what brought you to trivago, and Düsseldorf?

Sian: I had just finished studying in the Netherlands and was looking for my first job. I had moved to Düsseldorf with my boyfriend (it is always due to love) and in August 2008 I found an internship at trivago for a UK country manager. The job ad seemed really interesting so I applied.

Life at trivago: What has your time here looked like so far position-wise, did you imagine when you started you would be doing what you are doing now?

Sian: I would not have imagined it, over the past 8 years I have had many roles and throughout the whole time was always encouraged to take on additional projects that created value which might have been out of my job scope at the time.

Sian and the ‘Talent Solutions’ team

I moved from country management into product development after two years when the hotel search product department was nonexistent and it was an amazing learning experience. We just started doing a/b testing and were getting great insights into user behavior and website optimizations.

I left the hotel search product department a year and a half ago and now I am supporting the organisational solutions team. Initially with more of a product focus and now with a company-wide strategic process. It is another new area being built up and it is great to see the value creation we drive internally through introducing new solutions that take away as much manual work as possible.

What I love about trivago is that you have the flexibility to explore new challenges and try out new things. It has led to the fact that I have not been bored yet.

Life at trivago: So, what are your favourite things to do in Dusseldorf outside of work?

Sian: I love to travel and actually spend a lot of my time outside Düsseldorf as I love to gain new perspectives. In Dusseldorf I like to spend time by the Rhein and taking bike tours in the summer.

Hmm, strange looking bike tour…

Life at trivago: What is your team directly responsible for at trivago?

Sian: I am now part of a newly formed team in Organizational Solutions, which is called “Focus”. I will start to build it up and it is working on the prioritisation and transparency of projects that can help trivago talents focus on creating value. We want to remove inefficiencies and automate as much as possible so that we can focus on strategic initiatives.

Life at trivago: What kind of tools does your team use?

Sian: We use a lot of tools! All the tools that we introduce to trivago to ensure that they continue to be valuable, such as Jira, Confluence, Dropbox and Slack as well as tools that we have built ourselves such as the Talent Community for hiring new talents and our 360° talent development tool.

Life at trivago: And what is it that has kept you at trivago so long?

Sian: When I started at trivago there were only around 30 people working at the company and one of the main things that has kept me at trivago is seeing the company grow and the different opportunities that have come out of this for me to learn new things and take on new roles, as well as learn from the talented people around me. I have changed my role multiple times and the fact that I can seek out new challenges means that I have not been bored yet.

Life at trivago: Thanks for chatting to us, we are very lucky to have you! Here’s to another 8 years.

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