Solomon Akhtar — Life Cycle of a Start-Up

On Wednesday the 25th of January the trivago Academy welcomes Solomon Akhtar. The british technology entrepreneur, also known as Solly, famously impressed Sir Alan’s aide Claude with his honest, inspiring CV and notable use of ships in his business plan! We caught up with him briefly for a quick chat ahead of his visit to Dusseldorf.

Life at trivago: Who are you behind your TV personality?
Solomon Akhtar: I went on The Apprentice 100% for the business aspect, not the reality TV side. Since a very young age I have always loved business and started my first company whilst at Primary school! So yes, although I am young and came across a bit as the ‘funny guy’ on TV — I definitely have a serious side when it comes to business. My number 1 goal over the last 3 years has been to scale my current company, Instabear.

LAT: What has been your biggest learning as an Apprentice?
SA: On The Apprentice my biggest learning by far was interacting with people from a diverse range of backgrounds. On The Apprentice its a ‘dog eat’ world, where everyone is out to win the show. That’s not dissimilar to how business is in the real-world!! However I learnt that if you can relate to people from all walks of life and business then you will succeed and can hold your head high.

LAT: What would you invest in — to change the world?

SA: I like this question! I would invest in free internet (for everyone). I love how transforming technology is in emerging economies around the world. Mobile phones liberated millions of people. The Internet can do the same but in a bigger way. It’s also a realistic challenge, I can see it happening in the next 5–10 years easily.

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