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In a special #womenintech edition of trivago 10s, we asked ten women from the Content Marketing department about their favourite blogs.

Our Content Marketing team are a diverse bunch, there are currently 31 markets producing inspirational hotel-related content, all working together on one floor of our Düsseldorf office.

Racking up over 9 million sessions per month, this team sure knows how to write and distribute content. But we wanted to know which blogs they just cant live without.

1. Corentine - Consumer Comm. France - Mango & Salt

This is the perfect blog for daily tips and inspiration on how to easily go green, respect the environment, cook delicious things and where to buy nice clothing etc. It shows a smooth path towards a greener and healthier life by helping you easily change your habits.

2. Tegan - Editor ANZ - Monster Children

I mean, I could live without this blog - I could live without any blog for that matter. My grandma has lived her whole life without a blog, and apart from a bit of arthritis, she’s just fine. But if I had to choose one blog to read for the rest of my life, it would be Monster Children. It’s home to a good mix of photography, music, film, travel and just the right amount of left wing political commentary.

3. Cristina - Consumer Comm. Colombia - Vagamundeando

I went to the same school as this blogger, that’s how I first heard about his project. He was a corporate lawyer back in Colombia and I remember when he suddenly posted on Facebook that he was going to travel for a year so he wanted recommendations of places to visit. Well, it’s been more than two years and he’s not back yet- and probably will take a lot longer.

He’s been to a million places in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, takes beautiful pictures and gives good tips on how to travel on a budget and with the Columbian passport (we still have some problems moving around, but it is getting better). He writes both in Spanish and English, so a lot of people can understand him (and I also love his instagram account!)

4. Julie - Editor France - Boucherie Ovalie

I am a rugby addict. I follow Boucherie Ovalie, religiously, every single day of my life. They started with a really shady kind of blog when the Australian Ewen McKenzie became the coach of the Parisian club Stade Français. They imagined (and blogged about) what this poor Australian was thinking. As they say themselves, the blog probably had 15 readers at the time.

In 2009, they evolved into the current website, their motto is ‘Life is too short to understand rugby rules, so let’s make fun of it’. They comment rugby games in the funniest way: it is bold, politically incorrect, French sarcasm at its best.

5. Emma - Editor UK/IE - AdFreak

I studied Creative Advertising for my Masters, so Adfreak is basically my bible. It’s my go-to for inspiration (and, er, procrastination) and easily the best place to check out what other big brands are doing. Even if you don’t hail from ad-land, it’s a witty, interesting read, as it brings together the creative ideas of storytellers, designers, techies and everyone in between. Bookmark the blog and check it out around Christmastime, the Cannes Lions or the Superbowl - that’s when it really comes alive.

6. Anson - Coordinator Asia - Tse Sai Pei The Incapable

I am a sarcastic, mean and harsh person. So I like reading sarcastic, mean but funny illustration and comics. Tse Sai Pei is a very famous illustrator from Hong Kong studying in London. She is also a very good story teller. She uses funny and ironic illustration to describe everyday scenarios that she sees and feels annoyed about. You will laugh out loud when you see her ‘not so pretty’ illustration with the hilarious and mean description. It is the best thing on earth when you have a bad day, which I always have on Monday morning.

7. Katherine - Editor UK/IE - The Londoner

This is a huge blog that has been running for years and pretty well known amongst Londoners. I think of Rose, the writer, as a taste maker and therefore I love to follow her to see restaurant recommendations, travel tips and fashion ideas. It’s not for everyone, some people find the images too staged or too perfect, but for me it is pure escapism and genuinely helps when I’m planning a trip abroad or a weekend at home in London and want to check out a new restaurant.

8. Hannah - Social Media ANZ - Man Repeller

Fashion blogs fill the internet - but Man Repeller is my pick. It was started by the hilarious and brutally honest, Leandra Medine. It’s smart, doesn’t take itself seriously and is the king of an excellent headline “How to wear office trousers without looking like a stockbroker”, “The story of your life, as told by your bras” and “A guide to desk stretches from a pilates instructor.” Their stories are generally about things I didn’t realise I wanted to know or even had an interest in, but I can’t help clicking every time.

Because of my job, I’m always on the look out for social media inspiration and these guys do it right. Their Facebook is a gem, as is their instagram feed.

9. Alexandra - Editor France - Carnet

I’m spending a tremendous amount of time on blogs. It’s probably due to the fact that I’m also a blogger next to my job at trivago. I’m not really into fashion and beauty blogs, I rather spend time on lifestyle, video games or geeky blogs which represent me much more.

But one of my favourite bloggers of all time is Angéline a.k.a. Carnet Prune. She is a French girl living in Paris and I think we could be BFFs. First of all, she is the craziest person ever (in a nice way), she is always in a good mood and she is full of energy. I love watching her Snapchat stories in the morning and she always brings me in a good mood for the day. I try to be as cheerful as her in my daily life and I think I’m managing it so far.

10. Juliette - Analyst France - Bouletcourp

This is the blog of a French comic writer, which he started over a decade ago! Many comic writers who were all friends started blogs during the same period, the blogs were small at the beginning but gained notoriety over the years.

For Boulet, his blog is so popular that his ‘sketches’ have been published in several books (which is how I discovered his blog at first). The humorous sketches are clever and sometimes really poetic. His drawing style is very powerful and transmits a lot of emotions. He is super creative and his sketches usually take an unexpected turn.

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