Turning the world upside down

A quick chat with Lars Zimmermann

My name is Lars Zimmermann. I am a consultant, economist & artist based in Berlin. My work focuses on areas where new knowledge about economy and new possibilities to understand and run it emerge. How does the world change?” We had a quick chat with Lars, before he is coming to talk to us at our next trivago academy!

Life at trivago: Who is Lars Zimmermann besides his talk about Circular Economy?
Lars Zimmermann: An artist, economist and hacker. He loves to drill holes in stuff — for example Lego bricks. Use nuts and bolts to assemble & disassemble things. He also likes Mozart, Shakespeare, Goethe and Robert Jonson and does not care about that some people find this boring.

L.a.t: What’s all the fuzz about Circular Economy anyway?
L.Z.: If we are all going to die anyway — why not try to make this planet a better place for the people coming after us? A healthy planet is beautiful and a place that can allow individual freedom. Both worth working for. Also, if you try new things you get the chance to meet another you.

L.a.t: What is new in Open Source thinking?
L.Z.: A lot & very little. As kids and with our friends we share everything we know, happily. But if someone asks us to do this with the whole world… this sounds absurd! At least to most people. To be able to see that it is not absurd but a fantastic opportunity for you … this is what is new in Open Source thinking.

L.a.t: Is there anything you want to know of trivago people?
L.Z.: A bunch of things. One is: Do they really see themselves as ‘trivago people’. And if so: Why? What makes working at trivago so good. And how could you explain it to other people to enable them to have this as well — Open Source it :-)

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