When storytelling is made with love…

A quick chat with arts.in.communication

trivago Academies welcome local creative trio from arts.in.communication! We had a short interview with the guys, who will take our stage on the 15th of February.

Life at trivago: What personalities can be found behind “arts.in.communication”?
arts.in.communication: For arts.in.communication it’s all about the vibe and that’s what we share. We all are passionate about everything that defines pop culture. Jack is like a walking network, with connections to almost every photographer, actor or singer-songwriter in Duesseldorf. Lilly is our roving reporter, always on the scout for new inspiration on concerts and vernissages in NRW and Berlin. And Asif is our strategy and structure guy, perfectionist when it comes to timetables, orthography or font sizes. We collect our ideas all together and try to find the right channel for each concept.

LAT.: How did you guys find each other?
Lilly and Jack grew up together, they’ve known each other since they were kids! Asif and Jack met during high school in the context of a scholarship programme. One thing lead to another: We all were looking for a way to widen the art and culture scene in Duesseldorf for young creatives. In 2015, arts.in.communication was born.

LAT.: If you could change one thing in the world instantly, what would it be?
Social inequality. We all come from immigrant working-class families. We know: the struggle is real.

LAT.: What has love got to do with storytelling?
Well, what do Romeo and Juliet, Titanic and every Drake album have in common? First, they all are great pieces of pop culture and second they all tell great love stories. Love is a huge topic which offers a lot of variety concerning the starting situation, the characters, the emotional triggers, the conflict and its viral power. And come on, what are the best stories coming up on those late-night talks with your friends? Yup, it’s about that L.O.V.E.

Check them out on: www.artsincommunication.wordpress.com

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