#MondayMessage | 7 Things I Celebrate Everyday

Thursday, 10.12, was the anniversary of the day I was conceived. I know because it’s my mother’s birthday. So, I celebrated. I celebrated myself. I celebrated life. I celebrated my mother allowing herself to be the vessel through which I reached this dimension.

I love celebrating. It’s essentially the same thing as expressing gratitude, it just has a better connotation. I try to celebrate everyday. It’s like looking for the silver lining, an extra excuse to be happy and spread good vibes.

Here’s 7 things I try to celebrate everyday:

  1. Basic needs being met. Living in NYC, I’m constantly reminded of the disparity between wealth and poverty. I celebrate being able to pay my bills, having a roof over my head, having clothes on my back, feeling safe, having clean drinking water, and being employed.
  2. My Glo. Looking good and feeling better always calls for a celebration. The days where I slay and I’m on my Beyonce exuding confidence, I remind myself of the days when I was so out of tune with my self esteem. My glo includes my growth and how I’ve grown into the woman I am.
  3. Small Victories. Today I will celebrate publishing this post, Friday I celebrated my winged eyeliner being on point, and tomorrow maybe I’ll celebrate meditating for 30 minutes. The point is to accomplish something that makes me feel like I won.
  4. Where I’m At. This year on IG, I touched on life not being what me 20+ years ago thought it would be. Years ago my friend Jehan said, “Where I’m at is where I’m ‘spose to be.” That always stuck with me. I’ve made drastic strides in life and they’ve all lead me right here.
  5. It Can Be Better. I used to always remind myself that things could be worse, then I realized it was leading to a comfort that later could turn into stagnancy. I started thinking about how actually things could be better. Each day is a new opportunity to do something that will get me closer to actualizing my dreams.
  6. I Be Knowin’. Life has taught me a lot of lessons so my task is to apply them. In applying them, I realize how much and how little I be knowing, but I always know enough to do what I need to do.
  7. The Moral of My Story. I’ve overcome some odds that many would say are insurmountable. I’ve created a lifestyle that makes me happy. I also created a mantra to live my life by that’s more than my name, Don’t Ever Say Impossible. That is the moral of my story/life. I’m grateful for the ability to realize my power and how I can turn something into anything I desire.

I give thanks by celebrating. Celebrating isn’t always a grand gesture, sometimes it’s simply saying thank you. I send out these good vibes and they return to me tenfold. Try it, what are you celebrating today?

Originally published at www.lifebydesi.com on October 16, 2017.

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