New Patients — The Lifeblood of Any Practice

Submitted by Dr. D.D. Humber

For many years at DE, I have had the opportunity to present a program entitled “101 Ways to Get New Patients”. At times the title of the presentation was “Action Steps That Empower”. Basically, the same material but a different title. We first started presenting this material at DE more than 25 years ago. We knew then how important having a continual flow of new patients into your office was for your ultimate success.

Dr. D.D. Humber (left) with Drs. Reggie Gold and Sid Williams

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a conference of dental professionals where the presenter pointed out to those young and not so young dentists the importance of New Patients. He pointed out that it is new patients that truly grow your practice. I could not agree with him more! He also pointed out two more important aspects regarding new patients. One was the value to the patients for the care they received and the other was the value to the practitioner in the income generated. Often at DE you may hear the statement: “We accept all cases regardless of condition or financial ability to pay.” Many, on hearing this statement, misunderstand and assume this means they, at times, may need to basically give away their services as a Chiropractor, though at times, you may reach out to the needy with special consideration regarding fees, the concept of accepting all cases is to open up your thought process to where your care for the public you serve, has unlimited potential. This concept is needed very much when you think of the importance of NP’s.

What I want you to consider now is, as the dental presenter pointed out, the value of your service to your patients as well as the value of New Patients to our practice. From a business perspective, new patients generate NEW income so important to your success. Always remember though, that the patient must always receive more in value that you.

At DE, you will also hear much about the volume of visits doctors have on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; that is well and good but never forget the importance of New Patients to ultimately generate this volume of office visits. That being said, I want to encourage you to concentrate on procuring new patients and in large numbers. 2 to 4 NP’s a week may sustain you if you run a low volume practice but for real growth, you need 10 to 20 NP’s per week or more. When you achieve this, you can sustain a very healthy and successful volume practice. I challenge you today, Doctor, to intensify your efforts toward attracting new patients. For those you reach, your care will be a blessing to them and also to you.

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