Off The Charts!

The just concluded February 2–5, DE Meeting in Atlanta was by all standards simply off the charts! Where can you attend a chiropractic meeting in which in excess of 35 speakers pour their hearts out upholding chiropractic and the Lasting Purpose Principle of Loving, Serving and Giving? The answer is: You can at Dynamic Essentials. WOW!

Atlanta, GA — Home of Dynamic Essentials

Those who were there — more than 300 DC’s, spouses CA’s and students can attest to the fact that the February meeting from start to finish was nothing short of spectacular! Students from 8 chiropractic colleges were there getting dipped in the chiropractic principle. All promised to go back and spread the word that DE, by far, is the very best bargain for students wanting to excel in grasping a clearer understanding of what chiropractic and the Lasting Purpose Principle is all about. You could easily call the February DE the “love and commitment meeting” as speaker after speaker spoke of the love they felt by just being in the presence of so many loving and committed DC’s.

Guest speaker and first time attendee at DE: Dr. Dan Sullivan brought his usual “A” game! Giving an inspired presentation of the science behind the philosophy of chiropractic. Dan said that he and his lovely wife and two precious little girls will definitely be back to DE!

This meeting was the 5th anniversary of the 1st time Dr. Sid could not be with us following his stroke in December 2011. A somber time of reflection of the man himself and what he meant to our great profession and to thousands and thousands of DC’s who have and will continue to benefit from his vision, wisdom, knowledge, and insight. Gone but not forgotten, Dr. Sid’s legacy continues at the seminar that he started more than half century ago.

Next DE, Sarasota, FL April 20–23. Plan now to come home to Lasting Purpose. Come home and join those who are standing tall for the importance of a nervous system free of interference. We care, Do you?

See you in Sarasota!

The DE Staff

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