When All Odds Are Against You

When all odds are against you, stay on. Stay on when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel,when there is no ‘sign’ of encouragement. Stay on when they remind you you are not capable, stay on. Stay on because you never know. You never know who you will become in the process, you never know what you will get out of the experience, you never know who you will meet along the way, and you never know when your breakthrough will come. Whatever you do stay on.


  1. Find out your Why

Why are you doing what you are doing in the first place. Why are you starting that business, why are you learning that new subject, why are you working towards that promotion, why are you working two jobs ? Find out the reasons that you do what you do, and that will keep you going. That will help you stay on. Our reasons give us something to look forward to, I think of them as bait. If your bait is enticing enough, and you are extremely hungry, you will keep moving, you will walk, crawl, run, whatever, but you will keep moving. Find your why! Remind yourself of it everyday, and stay on!

2. Develop a great passion

Your passion will drive you to extents you did not imagine possible. Passion is a strong desire towards something. If you have a strong desire towards what you are doing you will definitely stay on, because your desire will be greater than your hurt. We are often told to develop a passion for things but no one tells us how. I believe the most efficient way to develop a passion for something is to find aspects of your personality that relate to that particular task. That way, it blends in with your very being and you not only do it with ease, but you enjoy it more. Also, attaching the cause to something greater than yourself, be it a project to serve a community or help someone out of distress, helps to stir up a passion for something.

3. Be hungry

Be hungry for the results. Make it a must! Stop giving yourself other options, they are keeping you from focusing on what you need to be focusing on. Make it a matter of life and death for you to achieve what you want to achieve. Ok, not literally life and death, but do what you need to do with hunger for what you want to achieve. When you are not hungry for achievement, you will often just take it lightly, and when the hardship comes, you will just sink into it, get depressed and stop doing what you need to do. Your hunger keeps you up. It works hand in hand with your passion and hardwork to give you exactly what you want.

4. Find hope

Finding hope looks different for different people. For example, as a christian, I find hope in prayer coupled with hard work. Find what works for you and it will help you stay on.

5. Realise it will not happen in a day

With the internet and all, everything is fast and instant. Speaking to someone halfway across the world, sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world, e.t.c are done by the touch of a button. We no longer have to go the extra mile in most things. However, this is the thing, to get that business going,to build that skill, to pass that course, to get that promotion, you have to go the extra mile. It will not happen overnight. It has never happened overnight for anyone and you will not be the first one. Stop beating yourself up because it has been one month and you have not made a single cent, or have not reached your goal of a thousand subscribers, keep going! Learn what works and what doesn’t work. Focus on the process more than the results. That will keep you on, for as long as you need to be.

In life, there is no valid reason to stop going after our dreams. It is all excuses. Stop waiting for assurance! Just get on the boat, see where it takes you. Crave the hardships that shape you, crave the growth that comes with the process, and I assure you you will stay on. Sometimes it’s all about the growth, other times it’s about the results. In the end it is all about learning when to let go, when to change strategy, and when to keep going. Whatever you do, stay on!

Written By: Shinina Muthiora (Founder,LifeDeserved & Biomedical Engineering U-grad, UBC)