Debugging Power Bi R Custom Visual Using R studio

Are you developing a R custom visual for Power Bi and got fed up in the debugging process, here is the one easy way to debug your R visual in R Studio.

Add the following code to the top of you sript.r file

You can also find the below code in this gist

#DEBUG in RStudio




load(file= fileRda)


save(list = ls(all.names = TRUE), file=fileRda)


Now package your R visual and import the packaged R visual into you Power Bi Destop App. Assign the data to your R visual.

Now you can find Data.Rda file in C:/temp as we metioned in the above.

Now open the Data.Rda file in RStudio. The data you set to your custom visual will get imported to R your session variables.

That’s it, now you can directly open your script.R file in your R Studio and debugg it.

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And always thanks for your time.

Praveen N
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