The Danger of Applause

The sound of applause can be intoxicating. The feeling radiates throughout your whole body. Love, appreciation, and validation all rush through your veins.

It can become an addiction, something that you continuously crave. Want to do more and more for people to clap and affirm you.

Too often, we conform to what other people will appreciate about us — living in a manner that does not challenge or disrupt other people’s ways of thinking.

When the aim is applause, you become an actor on the stage of life — acting from the script that other people create for you. People will always clap when you give them exactly what they want. Embrace your internal applause by valuing yourself.

What if someone does not agree with you? What if your viewpoint is not embraced, and you must stand alone on your convictions?

Applause from others is not terrible; however, it will not sustain your progress. Others could misunderstand your best decision.

By knowing your why, you can navigate being misunderstood.

Sometimes, that is all you need. To be led by your convictions to understand that until you create the life that works for you, nothing will lead you to happiness. That is why you feel so dissatisfied right now.

You are not living a life that fits you.

In efforts to maintain order, you compromise. You settle for environments that applaud who you used to be. Afraid to move into the newness of life. You are not scared of success; you are afraid of the sacrifices.

Clapping for yourself is the best applause. Only you know what you have had to endure and overcome. Celebrate yourself every day because there will be days that you are the only one clapping.

Would you do something great if no one was there to see it?

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