Let’s lose some real fat.

This plan is different because it has been tried & tested. It’s difficult to maintain a precise diet when we’re not sure of when & where are we going to have our next meal. We can’t spend every weekend without parties. Party, you must. But also, burn excess fat, you must. This is diet plus exercise plan curated by me is going to make sure all of it.

If you’re looking to burn fats you must know that our body uses/burns fats stored in our body within a certain range of heart rate when we exercise, this varies as per your age. For us (Age 25–26), the ideal heart rate to maintain would be 130–140. Which is 70% of your maximum heart rate.
What Exercise do I follow?
Burst mode running (3 - 4.5 km) & Swimming (40 mins) alternate day
+ Workout (Biceps & Chest, Shoulder, Legs, Back, Abs) 3–4 days a week
+ Overarm cricket (Every Sunday 3–4 hrs)

You can choose any 3 of the following to make sure your exercise is happening properly.
Burst mode running for 5 days a week. Or Running every alternate day (3–5 km). Burst mode running means, run for 2 mins walk & fast for 3 mins. This keeps your heart rate in the required range.
2. Fast walking at a constant speed for 35-40 mins. (If you’re not very fond of running)
3. Swimming for 30 to 45 mins. This is a very light intensity workout helps your body be in shape along with burning large amount of calories/fats.
4. Workout at home or gym. 3–4 days a week. Workout must include leg, back & abs exercise. If you’re exercising at home make sure intensity is high as you would not be having any weights to lift. Do a continuous session without long breaks. It should last maximum 45 mins. Refer this Link!
5. An outdoor game on weekend, if you’re not a cardio person.

Main aim of this diet is to keep yourself full on healthy food. Resulting in very less or no intake of junk food. Apart from Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, you need to find your munching snack. I have Chana (Chickpeas) OR Banana as my munching snack. If you feel hungry between any two meals, this snack will help you bridge that for a while. Munching on something for short time eases our hunger & doesn’t kill it also doesn’t let us starve. This is important because at no point you should let your body starve. Starvation is very dangerous in the weight loss or fat loss process.

Another thing is to introduce maximum variety of fruits & dairy products in your daily food intake. Also, we’re gonna make sure we reduce our Sugar & Oil intake to minimum. 
1. Breakfast:
What I eat (Time:Between 9am-10am)
- A small bowl of Cornflakes with Milk & Honey. (No sugar)
- Cucumber (Helps weight loss, Keeps your skin nourished, Im)
- Banana/Muskmelon/Pear
- 2 Eggs
- Beet
We burn maximum number of calories(550 to 650 Kcal) during our 7–8 hrs sleep. So breakfast should be very heavy & full of healthy items as much as possible. You can eat following things for breakfast:
(Please try not to have any sugar intake in the morning, or restrict it to minimum)
- Banana/Muskmelon/Pear/Apple/Kiwi/Papaya
- Eggs/Boiled chicken
- Poha/Idli/Cornflakes/Oats/Muesli
- Beet/Cucumber
P.S. Cucumber & Muskmelon have many more benefits than just weight loss.

2. Lunch (Ideal time 12.30–1pm)
You can continue to have your normal lunch, just reduce the rice & oily part if at all it’s there. This meal will stay in your body for long time since afternoon time is least active usually.

3. Evening Snacks:
This part has to have protein rich food items & fruits. I usually have boiled chana with masala & pomegranate. This should be a very light meal followed by dinner in next 2.30–3 hrs.

4. Dinner
Ideally dinner should be 70–80% of your lunch, quantity wise. But I know this will be very difficult as you feel most hungry at dinner time & all the good food items are always made for dinner. So in order to tackle this, make sure that evening snack has one of your favorite foods. It’s okay if it’s not 100% healthy but make sure it keeps your tummy full to a certain level & you don’t hog a lot on dinner.
To achieve this, I have found a very easy solution. If you eat 70–100 gm of yogurt before or after your evening snack, it helps you reduce your hunger. Yogurt is probiotic & it helps suppressing the appetite. You need to include Yogurt in your daily food intake anyhow.

5. Parties & junk food
Like I said, parties are part of our life and so is junk food. It becomes really difficult to keep track of what you’re eating when you’re holidaying or partying on weekends. And that’s perfectly fine. If you’re at a party & trying to eat salads & healthy stuff that’s of no use since you cannot be sure of ingredients used. Also, refraining yourself from eating something which you like might have a bad effect on your weight/fat loss process. You need to be mentally happy throughout. So please don’t go ‘I am dieting I can’t eat this’ during parties. Just try to keep the alcohol consumption once a month. Or twice a month in less quantities.
Remember those 5 days cardio exercises a week? Those are necessary to compensate for these parties & keeping your mind happy as well.

Some myths:
Eating more protein or protein supplements help you lose weight faster. NO! Excess of protein in body can harm your kidneys or result in problems related to urinal system.
2. Cheese results in weight gain. NO! Cheese being a dairy product has decent amount of protein & fats which help body build better muscles. These are some good fats which are necessary to keep body functions smooth. Stay away from any type of butter though.
3. Only Green tea several times a day is enough for weight loss. NO! Green tea just helps you keep your digestive system clean so that your healthy diet works proper.

** Along with everything mentioned so far, a positive lookout towards the goal of weight/fat loss is very necessary. I would suggest not to take measurements because they’re not always true. Instead keep looking at your body in the mirror everyday & experience the change. Go off the scale. Don’t check your weight often as there are drastic weight gains & losses throughout the process. Just keep imagining yourself in the shape you want. It works. All the fruits & natural sugar in your body will lift your mood.

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