Hey John thanks for the response.
Jake Brown

After reading a few of your articles because they are posted under Jesus, Christianity etc I am so sure you are not an atheist, you were once a Christian but a backslider now. If I am wrong then you seem to be reading the bible but blaming the wrong person for evil. God is 100% pure & has no evil in Him. God created man specifically for a reason but the devil corrupted what He did not create. God in His infinite goodness made a way out of this seemingly impossibility to restore man back to Himself. Left to the devil, man is doomed like him for all eternity but he was wrong. Love/God always finds a way out of evil. God is God & can the created question the creator?! Of course not (no)! Everything created by man has their copyright on it & you get sued for going against such. Man belongs to God & God must decide who will be accepted into Heaven for eternity & anyone who denies Him before men also will be denied before God & thrown into hell with the devil (whom you served while here on earth). Seems perfect so you need to ask God to reveal Himself to you which He would do but if you keep posting all of these twisted findings, you get all heated up, bitter & fearful all at once that is what the devil tries to do to God by corrupting man but God channeled that fire into hell to burn only the devil & his cohorts so God has forgiven us through Jesus sacrifice, He is no longer angry with us, all we need is to repent & accept Jesus death in our place & we will be saved. Jesus paid the debt for our justification & we are now joint heirs with Christ. Jesus loves you Jake. God loves you. Your creator loves you. Praying for you brother.