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Hmm, seems so! I write as the Holy Spirit directs and every season is focused on a particular message & most times I have to take a note with me and a pen because if I don’t write it then I might not write about that again. Then it will be the next thing I hear & I write down that I will publish. When I stop writing down then it takes about not writing a weeks specific instructions for me to get back & repent because of disobedience. Now I have most of my notes on Facebook for a month now (my husband had to get me a phone & a laptop to make it easier to get my notes down & saved for publishing)! I will be updating a month plus stories here in a couple of hours or days! Been born a prophetess & wanted to be a nun before getting married makes me very unique as well as an evangelist who is Holy Spirit filled too! I like your comments because I like seeing other Christians correct my work recently! The word of God is God! When we keep looking in it, our faces & most especially our lives will begin to transform & be changed into God’s very image (just as He created us to be)! Thanks again for your response/comments/likes/recommendations etc may God through His Holy Spirit continue to enlighten you, teach you & direct you always in Jesus Name Amen!