Breakthrough for Cancer Patients Comes in the Form of a Cancer Vaccine Platform

October 22, 2018

Cancer is a condition that affects millions of people across the world. And even though we know more about it now than ever before, we’ve still not found a cure. That being said, there are plenty of treatments available out there already and several more on their way.

One new breakthrough for those suffering from cancer comes in the form of a cancer vaccine platform called PeptiENV, developed by researchers at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Thanks to this new platform, the human immune response for fighting the disease increases significantly.

Erkko Ylösmäki is an Academy of Finland post-doctoral researcher involved in the project who is currently working in the ImmunoViroTherapy Lab of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki. Here’s what he has to say on the subject: “What is actually the most remarkable insight concerning the PeptiENV cancer vaccine platform is that we are able to envelop oncolytic viruses with the patient’s own cancer peptides, enabling tailored targeted treatment.”

Normally, an oncolytic virus is treated via an injection to either the abdominal cavity or the tumor, or intravenously. But the PepriENV platform is much less invasive and proving to be more effective in a wider range of patients. “We aim to expand the pool of patients that could potentially benefit from the unparalleled efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors,” says Ylösmäki.