Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Chatbots to Help You Find Your Next Job

Chatbots have a variety of uses from entertainment to giving advice to providing customer service. And they can be found in a variety of messaging platforms like Slack, Messenger, and Facebook.

Chatbots are good at interacting with people because they are programmed to follow certain rules made by humans or they learn communication skills from artificial intelligence, or AI, technologies. When chatbots follow their program guidelines, they can only understand certain questions and give certain answers. However, if they have AI tech they can learn from encounters as they have them. Along the way, they get better at understanding questions and, at the same time, get better at giving answers.

So, here are the bots that can help you with your job goals.

1. Get Hired Faster with Stella

Stella uses AI to match job seeking candidates with hiring companies by checking qualifications with the company’s requirements. And because the chatbot handles your application, it can increase your chances of obtaining your desired position.

The services offered by Stella can reduce the time it takes to find new employees by 80 percent, convenient from the companies point of view and good for you too. Stella also protects your privacy, ensuring that only the companies you’re applying to can see your information, and not letting your current company know you are searching.

Stella serves companies from many different industries, including a number of Fortune 500 companies.

2. Make Your Resume Stand Out with Mosaic

Often times when the person who does the hiring for a company with an open position, they are looking at a number of resumes a day and on average spending only six seconds with each one. As a candidate, you have to make sure your resume gets noticed in a sea of resumes.

An AI assistant called Mosaic can help you do just that. Using AI it narrows down keywords employers are looking for and helps edit your resume to highlight similar attributes. A good example of this is matching military vets with civilian jobs by equating their military traits with skills and qualifications companies are seeking.

3. Career Advice from Wade and Wendy

Most Americans will change careers as many as 10 times throughout their lives so advice about what direction you path can cut down on confusion and wasted effort.

Wade is the chatbot that can help you in choosing your path and find you new possible positions. Wendy works on the company’s side as an HR assistant, giving advice about the best candidates to fit the company environment.

4. Cut Down on Search Time with Newton

Don’t have time to search through a countless number of job listings alone? Newton can search for you. Send Newton an instant message about the job you want and he searches the internet finding opportunities. If the suggestions aren’t quite right, Newton can take your feedback and adjust his search until you fin the listing you want.

Airbnb, eBay, Intel, Netflix, and Twitter all use Newton, according to its website.

5. Let Employers Woo You

Mainly for those in the IT industry right now, Woo lets you make a wishlist of your ideal job including title, salary, location, and other specifics. Woo then shares your qualifications, anonymously, with companies with open opportunities. If the company thinks it can meet your demands then Woo will ask if you want to share your information.

Although this is for more casual job hunts, it could still be right tool if you’re still in the beginning stages of the career search.

Overall, looking for a new job can be tough but maybe a chatbot as your personal employment specialist can help you find the position you need. Some of these assistants are free of cost but all of them are so easy you don’t even have to leave your office.

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