A letter to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Dear Immigrants and Refugees,

I am so very, very sorry. More than that, I’m ashamed. Yesterday the President of the United States signed an executive order preventing you from entering America, outright banning some of you from coming here, and keeping the rest of you, people who already paid the money, did the paperwork, and followed every rule we threw at you to get the precious visa to make it to our shores and hope for a better tomorrow out. This order is turning people away at the American border who already belong here, people with families they now cannot be with, jobs they can’t take. The President, a man I did not vote for and who did not even win the majority popular vote in this country, has decided that because you are different you can’t play with us.

I am so, so sorry. This is not my America. My America is one that was built on immigrants, on refugees and people who made the dangerous journey to our shores for the elusive better life. We have a beautiful statue in New York that stands a proud testament to that. You may recognize her as the Statue of Liberty, but unfortunately it seems like so many in my government have forgotten what liberty is or what it means to be American. Maybe they don’t know that Syrian immigrants in the United States are successful people who start businesses that help power our economy. Maybe they don’t know that they become doctors and lawyers and become well-educated, fully wonderful members of society. Maybe they do know. Maybe they don’t care.

But I care. I care so much and am excited to have people from all over the world come be part of my country. Which is why I’m heartbroken that right now we are failing you, failing to be good neighbors and most of all betraying our own roots and history by closing the door behind us.

I’m sorry. I hope we get this fixed. I hope we can welcome you in soon. Please forgive us.

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