Why we’re betting against real-time team messaging

Fantastic article and I agree 100% with your assessment of Slack.

What I’ve noticed is that while Slack bills itself as a team/company tool, what it ACTUALLY looks like is IRC.

I’m on several “public” Slack channels, “public” meaning it’s not about people who work together, but “gather” there to discuss a specific topic. And Slack is PERFECT for that! There’s always an ongoing conversation, and you can get the latest news and info about the topic.

But when it comes to actual work colleagues, Slack is a huge time sink. Imagine putting microphones in every office and in the break room, recording every conversation and then putting instant transcripts on the company network. That is, effectively, what Slack does. But why do I need to know what movie Jan saw over the weekend or Bill’s top three favorite taco stands?

Haven’t tried Twist, but I think you’ve made the right bet here.

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