I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

I’m a huge fan of science but this article is just patriotic hokum on par with Trump’s tweets.

A few examples:

  1. Fascism was defeated by 20 million Russian peasants, not wonder weapons. In fact, the Nazis had most of the wunderbar stuff in WW2, including superior aircraft and rockets.
  2. Fascism lived on just fine in the Iberian peninsula until the 1970s. Just saying.
  3. Science had absolutely nothing to do with “winning” the Cold War. In fact, scientific strategists like John Nash put us on the brink of nuclear war SEVERAL times.
  4. Science hasn’t done jack shit to “feed the world”. It has, however, done a great job of creating agro super giants who have reaped enormous profits.
  5. Funny how you mention science “curing” polio. Well, bad news for you because people still die and suffer from polio in 2017. If you were looking for an example of science curing a disease, you could’ve picked pellagra or scurvy.
  6. Science doesn’t actually say that we’re all “one big family”. It says that Africans are the original humans and everyone else is a minor offshoot.
  7. For every scientist who worked to protect the environment, 10 scientists created the super toxic chemicals and chemical processes (especially petroleum fractional distillation and synthetic fertilizers) which ravage the planet.

Science is great. Rah-rah bullshit in support of scientists, not so much.