I honestly do not know — I indulged in some speculation at the end of the article but am not…
Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis

Kudos for the hard work. Romanian was one of my suggestions for good reason as it combines a Latin grammar and vocabulary with many words of Slavic origin, a similar contrast to English’s Anglo-Saxon/French dichotomy. Add in a healthy dose of Hungarian and Turkish you get situations in Romanian where there are three homonyms for one word from three different language trees (Latin, Slavic, Hungarian/Turkish).

For example, the word “people” as in a unified cultural group is translated as either popor (Latin), neam (Hungarian) or norod (Slavic) in Romanian.

And there are many more just like this. Oh! I just realized petrecere (Latin), boli (Hungarian) and bairam (Turkish) all mean “party” as in a fun time, is another one from Romanian.