How We Design on the UberEATS Team
Paul Clayton Smith

Never tried UberEATS and it’s not coming to a city near me, but I appreciate the “behind the scenes” look at this up and coming product/service.

That being said, I strongly urge you to take writing as seriously as you do software. In this article, you say “over 80 cities” twice and “over 70 cities” once.

The first sentence “making eating well effortless” has perfect grammar but needs tweaked because the word “well” can initially be interpreted as modifying the following word rather than the preceding word.

You’ve got a capital letter following a colon (:). If you want them to be two sentences, make them two sentences!

“With or without a car” doesn’t need a comma beforehand. When speaking, yes, there’d be a nice pause there, but reading is not speaking, eh?

“And of course, we weave” should be “And, of course, we weave” or, alternatively, skip the commas altogether.

There are a few other similar examples, but you get the idea.

Please don’t misunderstand me. This is a well-written piece. It just needs a bit more polishing to be “uber” good.

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