What makes a man?
John Gorman

Ugh, this is all so beautifully composed that it just feels like it makes sense. But no.

To begin with, some African-Americans did legally vote for George Washington. Weird, eh? Sounds like a nitpick, but it’s a symptom of the kind of cracks in your argument.

But as to the substance of your thesis, nobody is framing this as a zero sum game. I doubt there are very few angry/frustrated men out there thinking “a woman took my job/role in society” and that’s the end of the story.

It’s more “A woman took my job/role in society and now I don’t know who I am.” That’s a big difference, and one we’ve seen before such as when Europeans supplanted indigenous culture in North America. The Europeans made the entire Native way of life appear backwards and useless, but gave Natives no alternative other than assimilation and a complete loss of identity (or resist and get wiped out).

In other words, it’s not “the formerly powerful lashing out” but a protest at losing cultural identity (from the formerly powerful). You’d see exactly the same reaction from women if some Brave New World technology was invented to gestate children in an artificial womb.