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Nota: Este es un artículo excepcionalmente largo y tedioso que en realidad solo está pensado para personas que desean mejorar sus habilidades de diseño conversacional interactivo. Si solo estás interesado en crear chatbots empresariales básicos o programación de software, te recomiendo que lo omitas 😀

Como tal, muchos de los diseñadores conversacionales de hoy en día nunca han oído hablar de Interactive Fiction (IF). Pero hay mucho que aprender de todas las personas muy, muy inteligentes que han estado pensando y escribiendo sobre IF en los últimos 40 años.

Y la mayoría de los escritores / diseñadores de IF nunca han oído hablar de los chatbots. Pero desde mi punto de vista, hay una gran superposición. …

Note: This is an exceptionally long and tedious article that’s really only designed for people who want to improve their interactive conversation design skills. If you’re only interested in creating basic business chatbots or software programming, I recommend you skip it 😀

Due to the unique history of Interactive Fiction, it completely bypassed most people who weren’t living in the United States or Britain during the late 1970s and 1980s.

As such, many of today’s chatbot conversation designers have never even heard of Interactive Fiction (IF). …

For the past month or so, I’ve been watching the events surrounding the spread of the coronavirus with a combination of horror, disbelief, and optimism.

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The feeling horror, of course, is due to both the short-term and long-term devastation that the virus is causing, both in terms of people becoming ill and/or dying as well as disruptions in the economy, the restriction of civil rights, and an increase in political stability.

The disbelief mainly stems from the fact that seemingly no one, not the World Health Organization, not the European Union, and not any other government or international body seems to have had a comprehensive contingency plan in place for handling a pandemic like this one. …


Sam Ursu

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