Ordinary Women Deserve A Great Sex Life, Too
Maya Melamed

This is a great sharing of yourself, thank you for writing it. I too am dedicated to slowing life down, which feels like swimming upstream because it makes you so “boring” to those who don’t understand why you don’t always chase excitement like they do. It is only recently however, that I began learning the difference between deeply-blissful, truly intimate love-making with no goals other than to love, embrace, and connect, VS. the excitement-driven, dopamine-fueled, orgasm-chasing conventional sex that we have all been taught was the only way to express sexuality. Such an amazing difference! But, being a guy, this understanding has created new insecurities as well as new-found potential for joys. First, it puts me even more out there in left field! :) Second, even many (most?) women have embraced the conventional way only and are not open to a non-goal-driven approach. Third, there are insecurities of being rejected / left / cheated if I am not like “stud-master” over there…..Still, I know there are women out there who “get” this, because some of them are on Marnia Robinson’s site (www.reuniting.info) or have been to a workshop by Diana Richardson, etc. I am thankful that you are going to be a part of this education as well. I understand that it can be hard for people to embrace this because one’s heart has to be sensitive, tender, and open, and in my experience not many men or women get there without going through alot of pain and suffering. But if you ask me, if the pain and suffering can lead to this discovery, and the ability to live it out, it can be worth it. There’s so much more I can say, but I will stop here and check out your site as well. Cheers, Chris