Thanks for taking the time to write your response and share your insecurities.
Maya Melamed

Yes, that makes sense. But where are those other ponds? I think those of us outside the mainstream on these issues need a place of community that doesn’t seem to be developed yet. Marnia (Author of “Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow”) has an online forum, but there’s little, if anything, beyond that — especially for men. I would like to see more online forums, a chat room, groups that meet to discuss these things, etc. I have been looking for such things since I am basically just starting out myself. Very few people seem to be talking about these ideas unless they become “flavor of the month” for a brief period, then they die down. I even know a guy in Canada who tried to set up a Karezza-related discussion / meeting group and he said there was almost no interest where he was. There are tantra groups, but to be honest, they are not really my thing for various reasons. So if you have any ideas of where to find and connect with balanced, intelligent people who are of like mind in this area, I’m all ears. So far it is like looking for a unicorn :)