We all went through it… or at least we know somebody who did.

Parents putting pressure on us for not being as good as the other kids are

Girls or Boys simply ignoring us during the school breaks

A neighbor showing off with things I cannot afford or things I do not care about

My last post with not a single ‘like’…

It feels so bad and unfair, it is so horrible… It makes us feel like losers

…but why?!

How did it happen?

What went wrong?

…for that we need to go back in time: 10, 15, 30 years back or whatever your age is. We need to go back to when it all started…

…it was dark, humid, basically no space to maneuver. And yet there were more than 50 millions of competitors, fighting in a race for life. There could be only one single winner and 49999999 losers.

…there were no rules, no time and no referee but many nasty guys to take you out of the game…

…everybody wanted to get first to the wall of fame

… if you are watching this now, the only guy who made it was YOU! You are a winner! You have won against tens of millions of competitors. You won the biggest fight of your life.

So, yes, you were born a winner by fighting with all you had for all you could possibly have.

The rest of your life shall be spend on nothing else but celebrating this win. You don’t need to prove anything to anybody anymore.

Now look at this small stuff that bothered you a minute ago… compared to what you have achieved, it is like a flyspeck, not worth any effort let alone stress.

In fact, you were born a winner, and you were only made a loser. So you can unmake it. How…?

By enjoying your life… Life is a gift – unpack it!

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