Life is like Tetris

The very first version of Tetris, released in 1984, run on an emulator of the Soviet DVK-2 computer

I love Tetris. It’s one of the only games I still reguarly play since I started playing it back in the 90s, and it reminds me so much of life. Here’s how.

Tetris = life
lines = goals
blocks = moments
holes = something missing in your life
level = chapter (in your life)
player two = significant other/coworker/loved one/etc

It starts out easy; you organize the blocks so they match up and create complete lines. Something magical happens when lines in Tetris come together to form a solid block: you get to move on to the next level.

Sometimes, you take on so much in Tetris that you struggle to organize your blocks, and you end up creating holes in your lines. You can’t fit everything in Tetris correctly all the time, but you might find a second player to help you out when you lose focus. Player two saves the day and all things cohesively come together. However, another level can come along and it might be too difficult for both of you, at which point you either lose the level, or call for backup and push through.

Look at the amazing things people of our era have built: iPhones, Burning Man, EDC, Facebook. They’re all built with incredible amounts of stress, time, and energy.

Whether or not you like these feats, people have put an immense amount of creativity and passion to create wonderful things, and there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t give the same amount of love and effort towards the ones you want to spend your time with.

A personal example could be spending my time working on side projects. I can get pretty far on projects alone, getting each block organized to make a line and finally reach my goal of completion. But with each project I work on whether its my full time job, a side project, or helping a friend out it always seems to go a lot smoother with an extra player or two on my team.

After you’ve learned to play a few levels with other players, you can use that synergy to create your own feat.

Go make your team and start building something awesome together.

Special thanks to my player two @robustrory for helping me edit this story :)

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