I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

Been thinking about this post, and some of the comments I read this morning, all day. It seems as though some people have been so badly victimized that they themselves don’t have the capacity to allow for the differences in other people’s experiences and views without name-calling, and reading the post and some of the comments it seems that this is a Universal, pretty much — and that we as humans would all be better off loving instead of blaming and shaming. So many of us here, from author to commenters, have been marginalized to varying degrees for varying amounts of time: we’ve been silenced outright, we’ve been told in so many ways that our POV’s or politics or gender (in all senses) is “wrong” or “bad” and I have to admit that I’m seeing a whole new level of discourse I didn’t know existed before.

For all the blaming and shaming and name-calling, is there not some degree of commonality among everyone who’s experienced their own being-shut-down, in whatever form it came to us? I guess I would have expected…support? And then education? From all sides?

I confess to hopeless naïveté, I suppose, but isn’t this an area where we could learn more from supporting each other than from reflexive defensiveness and cutting down?

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