Random thoughts ‘bout her.

She is independent, almost always. It is vain, but not always (should be). It is sweet to those who deserve it. And it’s courageous, a so would leave you surprised. A look firmer than a rock. Such a beautiful smile much like a flower blooming in New York spring. It is so, but used to be different. Tomorrow will change, most likely. Thousands of mysteries you’ll ever read. She has a habit of being shocked by foolish reasons and to show strength when the world threatens to collapse. She had everything to be sad, but rather live smiling and not smiling any. The tears, which used to be frequent, now seem to have permission to fall more. And speaking of collapse, she has lost ground so often, you just learn to float. He lost the roof and won the stars. He lost fear and fell in love with herself and by some people. But who can not be charmed? Take your peace is not easy. She has learned that needs little to be happy. One afternoon watching the horizon, that breeze on her face, her friends ever and eternal wanderlust. To the outside and inside. To new places and the same as always. She has a different relationship with nature. And close your eyes talking to the wind. And it opens the soul dating the sea. And lay on the grass to feel the earth. And the clouds parading new ways when she stops to watch. And the sun makes your eyes change color. It makes your smile shine. It makes your skin brown. It makes your heart warm. It makes time freeze. No use saying how beautiful she is, because she already knows. She has lived enough. Already missed enough. Have you ever loved enough.

Me, you, and our boy.

Now she just wants to dance. Just want to smile. Just want to fly. She does not want to dive. Does she know that downstairs is cold and dark, and how long it takes to return. No! Enough depths. She just wants to lie on my lap, listening to that favorite song of morrissey, eat something and take your favorite iced tea peach with the boys it. And that love to find the way because she has found love, love for life, for people, for things.

I luv u, my girlafraid, my ohana, my suedehead, my all.

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