I love teachers

When people hear that we homeschool, they often assume that we believe anyone can teach. But that’s not the case. I love teachers! My kids had some amazing teachers who have shaped them, supported them and encouraged them to grow.

I just think the education system today doesn’t give teachers the freedom they need to truly shine. They are hamstrung by standards that insist all kids of the same age must have the same skills. Their jobs are threatened by test scores, which don’t measure much of anything except your parents’ income level. They work for administrators who micromanage, because those administrators are micromanaged by the school board, which is micromanaged by politicians who have no background in education. They are spread too thin, with too many students, and not enough time or money.

I don’t think I can educate my kids better than their teachers. In fact, I talk to the teachers I know constantly, looking for ideas, getting their feedback, borrowing their techniques and even asking them for tools to help our parents improve their co-oping experience.

What I do think is that I know my kids better than anyone. And that means I can tailor their day. If one is interested in origami, I can use that to help teach him geometry. If the other one loves nature, we can learn about nutrition by gardening. If one kid in co-op wants to make paper airplanes all day, I can get him excited about engineering by adding a weight to the airplane.

What I have is time, an understanding of my kids, only a small group to teach, no tests and freedom. And that makes all the difference.

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