These 2 Things Determine How Happy You Are

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People spend years searching for the answers. Trying to understand what makes them happy. Thousands of books and millions of pounds have been spent on trying to understand what makes us happy.

People search high and low. Countless experiments have been done, countless thoughts have been thought and countless intellectual debates have been had.

What makes one person happy and the other miserable?

The reality is, that there are millions of different scenarios in millions of different context, every situation is unique and impossible to predict from the outside if that will make that person happy.

We can say that how happy we are comes down to how we feel about the current moment. Our brains are constantly comparing the current moment to what our ideals are, and this creates happiness or unhappiness in the moment.

Happiness, then, could come from acceptance. From accepting the way things are not resisting them. To simply let the joy of being alive be enough to make that moment worth living.

Simply being is that the answer? Accepting where we are in life right now? Not wishing to change? Is this the answer?

But we can’t argue with the fact that different things resonate differently with us. We are drawn to certain, books, activities and people.

Some people give us more joy than others. Some people we have a greater connection with than others. This should not be ignored because it leads us o our true path. How we feel should be listened to.

How can we improve our experience of life?

First we need to know what is our experience of life?

On a day-to-day basis how happy we feel comes down to the 2 contributing factors of our existence: what we are doing and who we are doing it with.

These 2 things really make us the vast majority of our lives. In any given activity we can only say how we felt at that time and it came down to what we were doing and/or who we were doing it with.

This makes life rather simple.

Happiness = what we are doing + who we are doing it with

Maybe sometimes you were doing something you liked, but did not like who you were doing it with.

Maybe sometimes you were with someone you liked but did not like the activity you were doing.

Both impact the way you feel at that moment.

You will never be happy until you like what you are doing and like the people you are doing it with.

Pay very close attention to these things. Pick carefully what you are doing, what you will spend your valuable time doing and pick carefully who you will spend your time with.

Sometimes we make sacrifices on one or both these areas for a long-term goal, as long as we know what our long-term goal is that is OK.

Doing what you love, with people that you love, that is happiness.

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