Its been a while

Here we go again, back to writing random shit on the internet, hoping that someone out there is reading…lets go into something deep yeh? something we can all relate to, Loneliness…we all feel it, no matter how many friends yo have or how much support you have, you are always lonely right? if you said no, your a one really knows who you are, shit, maybe you dont even know who you are. Recently i just came out of a relationship, it lasted a year and a half and all that time, i really thought i wasn't alone, but it was coming out of that relationship that really showed me, no matter who you have, you are always alone. No one knows you, no one knows your intentions, its all you, all alone..Thats what life is tho right? being alone, finding people to latch to for emotional support? thats what we think it is, but every night when you come home and lie in bed, you really feel how alone you are, sitting there, staring at your phone, trying to fill your emptiness with social media, obsessing over people that “have it all”, have the really hot girlfriend or boyfriend, have that sick new car you have always wanted, have that house that turns heads, or maybe, they have something more deep, maybe you think that they dont have that emptiness that you have inside, so you follow their day to day life, imagining how it would feel to have that life, to have that void filled… but at the end of the day, everyone, absolutely everyone is alone. You, Me, even your fucken dog or cat is alone.. if you dont agree with me, i want you to try something, when you go to sleep tonight, sit in bed, think about yourself, about your life, ask yourself, who is really there for me?, who really understands who i am? is there anyone out there that isn't lonely?

Hope you enjoyed the read, ill be posting more shit, ive got nothing else to do with my boring ass life, so stay tunes, till next time, adios peasants….


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