The Night I Fucked Up

It was a night like all other nights, the lads and i had pres at my mates house, i was sober at pres cause i had no money for beer. The clock struck 9 or so and we caught to cab to the new club which opened up on toorak called Uptown.

I lined up with my fake ID, waiting for my turn and boom, the security guard takes it, looks at me, back at the ID then back at me, and says “Come in mate” so i wonder in, high 5 the lads and we go in.

So we in Uptown now, good music, hot girls and weird guys with some whack hairstyles. Me and the lads head to the main room, bangerz pumpin, we all dancing.

Then we bump into some old mates of mine who i havnt seen in ages and i start chilling with them, one of them shouted me like 8 drinks for the night haha, so then we get bored and head to another mates for kick ons. Its about 3am now and i just popped pingaz. Then this is where i fuck up. after the pinga i continue drinking, shots of barcadi, 5 beers and shots of vodka later im next to the toilet spewin my brains out.

I got home around 11;30 the next day and went to bed, i wake up several hours later, look at the time and its 3:40am the next day… i slept for a whole day….i woke up feeling like i had just been hit by a semi trailer. So remember kids, dont drink and Ping

Love Samosa

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