11 Ways to Know That You’re a Writer (as told by GIFs)

When you’re doing what you love, it’s pretty easy to just pick up habits without even realising it. From the countless notebooks to the bins over flowing with scrunched up pieces of paper, there are some habits that all writers can relate to. So, here’s a list of 11 ways to know that you’re writer… how many of them do you do?

  1. You write… simply for the sake of writing

2. You spend more time imagining the ending of your next piece than you do writing it

3. This is what you look like when you’re on a serious roll

4. Coffee is your best friend (morning, noon and night)

5. You have a diary that literally never ends

6. You go through enough paper to make a small forest

7. There’s a notepad stashed away in every bag that you own.

8. This is what you look like when that ‘big’ idea suddenly formulates into words

9. You get a fuzzy feeling when you share your ideas with friends and family

10. Ideas are buried so deep in your mind that you begin to talk through them in your sleep.

11. You with that you could erase bad endings with the one that you’ve formulated in your mind.

Have I missed anything? Feel free to mention your writing habits in the comments section below!

Originally published at thelifeofaworkinggirl.com on June 12, 2016.