Weiner and Abedin’s Public Humiliation

“Do not keep talking so proudly
 or let your mouth speak such arrogance,
for the Lord is a God who knows,
 and by him deeds are weighed.
 — 1 Samuel 2:3

Those people who tsk-tsk or snicker at Anthony Weiner’s compulsion are contrinbuting to his wife’s public humiliation. Those people who think Abedin is getting what she deserves for her political affiliations are reducing a married couple to simple objects.

Those people who think this couple should go through the hell that this sickness has caused are celebrating something as devastating as cancer or disease, except it’s a disease of the soul.

God wants both Weiner and Abedin to find Him. Right now they see only pain, guilt, and regret.

Please pray for both of them to find the God who grants peace, forgiveness and eternal life.

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