Sony a6500 Kit


Sony a6500 e-mount Camera

The sony a6500 has incredible auto-focus, 4k image quality, and internal stabilization all in a tiny body.

Sony 50mm f.18 e-mount lens

Less than $300 and it opens up to 1.8 Its an 85mm equivalent on an aps-c camera, which is why its my go to macro lens. It also has built in OSS

Sony 10–18mm f4 Wide angle zoom lens

Covers all wide angle shots and has built in OSS and works great on a 3-axis gimbal

Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Gimbal V2

It is lighter and easier to use than a ronin and produces better results than a glidecam.

Sony a6500 Dual-battery Charger

Charges two Sony batteries at a time. It can also be powered by micro USB so you can plug it into a USB power brick. It includes two extra camera batteries

Lexar 1000x 128GB SD Card

4k Resolution ready card enough for an entire day of shooting at 150MB/s.

Pelican SD Card Case

Keeps your empty and full SD and microsd cards safe

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